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Telegram has become an essential part of the crypto space. We have created this group, where we will do our best to answer all your questions. Join now to ULTI Coin community on Telegram.

Official admin usernames:

SinisaUlti - Official admin - Telegram


SergejUlti - Official admin - Telegram


Marko_Mihalcic - Official admin - Telegram





ULTI Coin Community - Twitter

In addition to standard whispers about some of our future moves, you can also track global news from Crypto World, as well as their impact on our project, the atmosphere in the team and the announcement of new events, presentations, summits, etc.

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Reading is what people did before YouTube.
All of our video presentations in one place, video news, interviews, and so on.


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Get all the up to date information about us. A place that gathers all of our social networks.

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